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American Geriatrics Society
American Geriatrics Society

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Presenter Criteria

Same format as last year with extension of presentation time to 8 minutes. All interested will be able to present.

Four Slides (plus Title slide and Q & A slide with no content): See Templates

Submission Guidelines and Format: Due May 8
  1. Overall presentation Style: PowerPoint presentation with brief question and answer period
  2. Total presentation time per presenter: Presentation time should be limited to 5 minutes
  3. PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines: Please use the EPGS Annual Research Night slide template, format, and guidelines. All presenters should limit presentation content to 4 slides (1 background slide; 1 methods slide; and 2 results slides.)
    1. 1 Pre-formatted Title slide: includes title and presenter information
    2. 1 Background slide: Limit to 10 lines of text
    3. 1 Methods slide: Limit to 10 lines of text
    4. 2 Results slides:
      1. One figure or table per slide
      2. No more than 5 lines of text per slide in addition to table or figure
      3. Maximum of two figures or tables per research presentation
    5. 1 Pre-formatted "Questions" slide: which can include presenter contact information
    6. References: should be placed at the bottom of each slide and limit to two lines per slide

Click here to download Research Night Submission Form

Click here to download Slides Template

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Research Night
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Follow up to Forum for the 4Ms Program–Age Friendly Health Systems
The College of Physicians

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